Overwhelming amount of HR tasks slowing you down? It’s time to change your approach to employee management! Revolutionize your company’s HR processes and unlock unparalleled efficiency with TechForing Human! Our Employee Module is the ultimate solution for streamlining your workforce management and taking your organization to the next level.

Employee Management Made Easy

Effortless Employee Management

TechForing Human Employee Management Module is a sophisticated employee management solution, designed to ease your HR processes with a comprehensive suite of essential features

Employee Info

Easily access and manage current employee information.

Ex-Employee Record

Maintain historical records of former employees for compliance and reference.

Admin Info

Efficiently oversee administrative roles and permissions within your organization.

Employee Evaluation

Assess employee performance and track progress effectively.

Department Management

Organize your workforce into distinct departments for streamlined management.

Position Details

Keep track of various job positions and roles within your company's hierarchy.

Training Program

Plan and monitor employee training and development programs with precision.


Manage employee resignations and offboarding seamlessly.

Challenges of Manual HR Management

  • Getting stuck with large volumes of paperwork
  • Losing track of former employees’ data
  • Overall disarray in administration
  • Struggles with workplace planning
  • Inability to maintain a consistent employee evaluation

Still Stuck With
Manual HR Process?

Dive into Employee Data, Training Insights, and More With TechForing Human!

Automate Record-Keeping for Efficiency

Maintaining and updating employee records manually is time-consuming and riddled with errors.

Streamline your HR operations by automating record management to ensure accurate and up-to-date employee information is readily accessible, right at your fingertips.

Easily Retrieve Ex-Employee Data!

Without a comprehensive archive of former employee records, it’s challenging and time-consuming to conduct reference checks or evaluate rehiring.

Easily store all the Ex-employee’s historical data with just a few clicks for future reference checks, assess rehiring, or perform any inquiries efficiently.

Elevate Your HR Workflow

Experience the Future of HR management Today !

Efficiently Track & Relegate Admin Changes

Manual HR administration often faces challenges like administrative chaos, difficulty tracking admin changes, trouble communication efficiency, etc. due to a lack of centralized control and granular permissions, ultimately hindering efficient HR operations.

Save time and effort with centralized administrative control, enhanced data security through granular permissions, and efficient admin change tracking, This feature centralizes admin management, ensures authorized access, and maintains a historical record of changes.

Gain Comprehensive Insights into Every Department

Manual HR management makes it challenging to gain insights into departmental performance and resource allocation.

Get comprehensive department data, facilitating better insight into every department, optimize resource allocation, and promote collaboration.

Make Data-Driven Workforce Planning

Identifying staffing needs, and skill gaps, and making informed decisions without sufficient data becomes exceptionally complex.

Simplify the process with a complete list of employee positions and departments, aiding in workforce planning, identifying skill gaps, and optimizing staffing.

Efficiency, Accuracy and Transparency

Take Your HR Management to the Next Level!

Untangle Training Management Complexity

Manually keeping track of all your employee training needs, progress, and completion can be very cumbersome. What if you could do it from one simple dashboard?

TechForing Human comes with a simplified training management system, Helping HR to keep tabs on employee development, monitor progress, and ensure timely completion.

Resignations Don’t Have to be Messy

Handling employee resignations without proper documentation and organization can lead to many complications.

Simplify the offboarding process by systematically recording the resignation details, including dates and reasons, making the transition smooth for both employees and HR.

Inconsistent Employee Evaluation? Never Again!

You can do your best, but conducting consistent and objective employee evaluations will always be challenging, often resulting in inconsistent outcomes.

Automate your evaluation process with the dedicated evaluation feature and feel the change today! Our employee evaluation section streamlines the evaluation process, making it easier to manage and record performance data, track goals, and provide feedback consistently, whenever you need it!

Frequently Asked Question

What is the Employee Management Module, and why is it important for HR operations?

The Employee Management Module is a component of HR software that centralizes and automates various HR processes related to employee data, administration, training, evaluations, and more. It is crucial for improving efficiency, organization, and data accuracy in HR operations.

How does the module help with onboarding and offboarding processes?

The module streamlines onboarding by automating the collection of new employee information and simplifies offboarding by organizing and documenting the resignation process, making it smoother for both HR and departing employees.

Can I track employee training and development using this module?

Yes, the module includes a training feature that allows HR to track employee training progress, completion, and ongoing development initiatives.

How does the module assist in performance evaluations?

The module provides a dedicated section for employee evaluations, making it easier to record and manage performance data, set goals, and provide feedback consistently across the organization.4

Is it possible to customize the module to match our company's specific HR processes and needs?

Of course! The employee management modules offer customization options to tailor the system to match your organization's unique HR workflows and requirements.

Does the module support reporting and analytics for HR decision-making?

Yes, most modules provide reporting and analytics tools, allowing HR professionals to generate insights and data-driven reports to make informed decisions.

How can the module help with workforce planning and resource allocation??

The Employee Position List and Department List features offer insights into staffing needs, departmental performance, and resource allocation, helping HR plan and optimize the workforce effectively.


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